The 24 in 24 was invented in 2015 by local entrepreneur and philanthropist, Anna Dey. The event was intended to challenge participants while simultaneously raising funds for Landon, a local child battling Leukemia. The first 24 in 24 was held indoors on the treadmills at Anytime Fitness Concord, which has been the event's presenting sponsor ever since. In year one, 15 Challengers attempted to run one mile every hour for 24 consecutive hours, and the event raised $13,000 for Landon.

When the check was delivered to Landon's family, we looked at Landon. What would this money, intended to be used for medical bills, do to make his life better? Would it take away his pain, his fear, and his hard days as he went through treatment? While the amount raised was significant, would it even make a dent in the ever increasing medical bills these families face?

We realized that this fundraiser needed to do something more for these families, and specifically for these kids. We wanted to help provide wishes for these children. We wanted to bring them joy. And with that, we changed our tune and our intention. The mission of The 24 in 24 became, "To grant wishes for children battling life threatening illnesses by facilitating a physically demanding 24 hour challenge."

With this change in intention, Anna met with local charity A Special Wish Cleveland, and they became our event beneficiary. The 24 in 24 raised $31,000 in year two, and we truly realized the potential for this event. We believed The 24 in 24 could one day change the lives of hundreds of families for the better, and we became comitted to its growth.

In 2017, The 24 in 24 venue became Classic Park, Home of the Lake County Captains. Our field of Challengers grew gradually until we arrived at 200, which is where we now cap our event (with a wait list!).

To date, the 24 in 24 has raised an incredible $673,000 for A Special Wish Cleveland Foundation. This charity has a $0.97 on the dollar pass through directly to children battling life-threatening illnesses. A Special Wish is an award winning organization with a focus on helping as many children as possible, while stretching every dollar as far as it can go.

There are many parties which we couldn't do this event without. We couldn't do it without philanthropic businesses in our community, including our Team and Mile Sponsors, as well as those who donate food and supplies. We couldn't do it without our incredible Challengers who attempt to run one mile every hour for 24 hours for the benefit of another. We couldn't do it without our generous donors who support our runners' efforts. We couldn't do it without the Team at A Special Wish Cleveland, including Eileen Lane Beudert and Jason Beudert, who have become not just our fundraiser's beneficiary, but also our partners in this great undertaking. And finally we couldn't do it without Event Director and Creator Anna Dey, who has been unwavering in her commitment to its growth, as well as her family members Michael Dey and Von Hollingsworth who have taken on the Challenge and also helped coordinate and execute it alongside her.

In 2021 we will host our 7th Annual Event, and we hope you will be a part of it. #The24in2