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Team Connor

Brianna Cain

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I’ve been a challenger for the past 2 years, and I can honestly say that these 24 hours have the most meaning every year! To be a part of something larger than yourself, with 300 other participants who all come together to do something amazing for these children, is an honor. Because it is ALL ABOUT THE KIDS! These kids are Warriors! They’re already so tough when they shouldn’t have to be! To raise money in their honor, so they get to do something outside of doctors appointments and hospitals stays like most any other kid their age gets to, is an absolute honor! And So We Run!

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Michelle Zupancic
Lena McCoy
Meredith Conner
Cammy Stites
Jones Thomas
Jillian Justinger
Maggie & Stan Cain
Thank you for helping these kiddos out. Proud of all you do!! Love You!!
Kelly Buchanan
Awesome! Proud to be your friend!
Emma Haas
You go girl! Very proud of you! <3
Denise Jackson
Keep up all the good work you’re doing!!
Siobhan McGregor
Good luck, Bri!!! Run Run Run!! 🏃🏻‍♀️
Jeannie Wong & Scott Wilhelm
Way to hustle, Bri!
Beth McCluskey
Run Bri, RUN!!!
Cheering you on!
Loretta Easley
Go Team!!
Courtney Speziale
Miss you so much! Run ALL THE MILES!
Janelle Cain-Clark
ALWAYS so proud of everything you do!
Rachael Zevnik
Let’s do this girl!
Tonya Justinger
Go Team Connor!
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About Team Connor

Connor Nary was born on November 15, 2012. His mom (Katie) and dad (Mike) were so excited to welcome their first son into the world after a normal pregnancy. Following an hour and a half of pushing, instead of delivering a healthy newborn, baby boy Nary was born limp, gray, and not crying. A code pink (pediatric emergency) was called, and our delivery room turned into chaos of many medical personnel storming in and out. He was emergently intubated and transferred to the NICU due to concerns of aspirating meconium. Mike accompanied the bassinet and medical staff to the NICU, ...