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Team Connor

Fran Horvat

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This will be my 6th year. I run for these wish kids. The smiles on their faces are priceless.

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Mary Samardzija
Michelle Mitchell
I want cake!!
Julie Sheehy
Great fundraising Fran!!! Ty for the cookies 🍪
Mary Ann Giulvezan
Sister Power
Mariana Branch
Stacy Luoma
Love ya Fran 💕
Sharon Hale
Jadranka Padovic
Maria Jukic
Paul Catalano
What’s OCD? And c’mon lemon cake thingy
Karoline Medancic
Gladly helping for many reasons but also choosing her amount to help the OCD😊
Julie Stone
Kelly Hoffman
Super inspiring! Best wishes for your miles!
Angela Little
Ivana Cowie
Go Fran!!! We are very proud of you! Love, Emma and Sydney.
Darla Church
Go Baka Fran!!!! ❤️
Mary Hrwatzki
Go Fran Go!!! Excited to run with you this year😊
Amy nelson
Good luck to you! We will be there to cheer you on.
Jack Mackwell
Don & Britt
Cathi Mezzopera
Thanks for what you do!
Edward Christison
You are a true badass.
Kathy Goodwin-Petkovich
Frank Szekely
Leah Boileau
Go Fran & go team Connor!! ❤️❤️❤️
Lori Watson
Go Team Connor!
Megan Williams
I will see you out there for a couple miles ❤️
Jackie Wyman
I'll miss being out there with you! Have so much fun!
Sandi Buchholz Buchholz
Your dedication is awesome!
Paula Millspaw
Dragica Vurbic
Tracy Sabol
Get ‘em girl!! I’m happy to help put a smile on a kids face ❤️
Randi Mytro
You are an inspiration. Thank you for being selfless and using your abilities to help others. We love you.
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About Team Connor

Connor Nary was born on November 15, 2012. His mom (Katie) and dad (Mike) were so excited to welcome their first son into the world after a normal pregnancy. Following an hour and a half of pushing, instead of delivering a healthy newborn, baby boy Nary was born limp, gray, and not crying. A code pink (pediatric emergency) was called, and our delivery room turned into chaos of many medical personnel storming in and out. He was emergently intubated and transferred to the NICU due to concerns of aspirating meconium. Mike accompanied the bassinet and medical staff to the NICU, ...