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Team Connor

Jackie Bruner

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The small goal of running for 24 hours is just a little portion of what these kids suffer through each and every day. #andsowerun

$925 of $700 goal

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Michelle Rodewald
Have fun thank you for being so generous to the community
Ashley Williston
From the Fritches.
Sandy Ignat
Charon LeBail
Kathy Kron
Suzanne Hall
Ashley Deming
Haley Gromack
You go girl!!! Amazing work you’re doing ❤️
Eryn Medved
Best wishes, Jackie!!!
Jeffrey Gromack
I am so proud of you sis. You and Connor are truly an inspiration!! Love you
Megan Tamburiello
You are amazing!
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About Team Connor

Connor Nary was born on November 15, 2012. His mom (Katie) and dad (Mike) were so excited to welcome their first son into the world after a normal pregnancy. Following an hour and a half of pushing, instead of delivering a healthy newborn, baby boy Nary was born limp, gray, and not crying. A code pink (pediatric emergency) was called, and our delivery room turned into chaos of many medical personnel storming in and out. He was emergently intubated and transferred to the NICU due to concerns of aspirating meconium. Mike accompanied the bassinet and medical staff to the NICU, ...