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Team Beau

Stacy Gilchrist

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I want to be a part of this incredible opportunity because I want to give back. I have a special needs son who has changed my life in such unimaginable ways. There have been people in our lives who have been there for him and for us in a time of need or when we really didn’t even know we needed the help, but truly did. I feel as though I should give back for all the times people have helped us in our hardships. My son, Leo has made us all better humans. He does not have a life-threatening illness, but he has been through things most of us never will have to face- every day is a daily struggle for him. He is the bravest boy I know. I see life through his eyes- love wholeheartedly, show empathy and compassion, live simple, and never take one second for granted. I see God through his eyes, and God calls us to be selfless and to love unconditionally. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to give back because I have my hands full. I am a mom of eight. I want to set an example to them that giving to others is so important. I want them to witness all the blessings others are able to experience if we take the time to give back and love others as God has called us to. I have a calling to do this- to make a difference, be an example, and it may even break me and draw me closer to God. The immense blessings that come from this opportunity in seeing a wish kid and their family be given a dream come true is truly life changing, and I am so ready to be a part of that!!

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Sandi Titka
LINDA Coleman
Rachel Miller
On behalf of the sweetees community we’re rooting you on all the way to the finish line!!! You go girl!!!
Carol Tribuzzo
Stephanie Chapman
Mia Berzanske
Run your heart out for this boy 💙
Belinda Mcguire
This is so awesome of you!!! You will do GREAT! Good luck!
Katie Erickson
Meghan Henry
I love you and your heart!
Laura Feiler
Laurie Ferro
Lisa Holley
Good luck Stacy!
Nicole Armstrong
Stacy, you are truly an inspiration! God bless you, your son, and your whole wonderful family. May God heal Beau!
Crystal Rivera
Way to go Stacy!! So proud of you and your heart ❤️
Karen Bernay
Jennifer Speicher
Katie Brown
You have such a big heart! I hope this event is a blessing to everyone involved❤
Pamela Hall
You got this Stacy #praying for team Beau ❤️
Wanda Dimmick
You go girl!
Jacqueline Hunt-DeWeese
Amanda Fox
Stay safe and healthy and prayers to Beau and his family❤️
Elias Coss
Proud of you!
Deanna DiCola
Prayers to you and and especially to Beau. Train safe and well and God will provide the strength you need to do 24 in 24!!! You Got this!
Chrissy Martinez
You will do a great job!!! So proud of you!
Katie Cudzilo
Good luck, I know you'll do great!
Minick Family
Good luck and God bless all involved in this honorable event.
Karl Boothe
Stacy Stace
Jill Popp
Lynn Kallay
Your are gonna rock this like you do everything!
JP Thompson
I am constantly inspired by you. You make me want to be a better person.
Jim & Faye Kirchner
You are an amazing human and an inspiration to so many. ❤️
Maria Llamas
What a beautiful cause!
Sandy Grisez
God bless and good luck as you do this challenge for such a great cause…you’re strong, you’ve got this!
Suzi Kay
You are amazing. With all you have on your plate you dedicate time, talents and caring to others. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend.
Gail Allcock
Thanks for being an inspiration to all!
Zora Laush
You are so amazing!
Elizabeth Tas
You are an inspiration
Tiffany Vasiloff
Proud of you girl!
Ernie Richmann
Good luck Stacy
Connie Cleary
Becky Miller
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About Team Beau

On January 10th, 2021, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Beau, into the world. The pregnancy was easy, there were no complications, and his birth was effortless. On January 12th, 3 hours before being discharged, we were told and were surprised by the doctors when they said they had heard a small murmur in Beau’s heart. After running tests, we were told that Beau had multiple holes in his heart. At 12 days old Beau was hospitalized when his breathing become labored, and he was struggling. Here we learned that in this short amount of time his small VSD, that ...