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Team Lottie

Tiffany Peery

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YEAR 2–back and better than ever. Last year I ran for sweet Waylon and was astounded every step of the way at the strength and courage of he and his family. I was drawn to Lottie this year and crossed my fingers and toes that I would be able to run and collect donations for her. My girls—Loren and Lucia helped me choose Lottie and love her L name 💜 My father, Larry, also has a heart and lung condition and uses oxygen to help. I am excited to run this year to help Lottie and all the Wish Kids obtain their big wishes 😍

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Tiffany Peery
August miles 🥳
Alicia Sherwood
Run Tiff, run!
David Mathis
Good luck sweetheart!
Elaine Mathis
With Love, Chicka and Ivy!
Jan Mathis
So proud of you Our Tiffany!!!Love Mama n Daddy n Hunter!!!
Tawny Sharpnack
Thanks for the chair!! You’re the best. 🙂
Rebecca Cawrse
Joanne Shue
Wishing you a Happy Birthday and success doing the "24 in 24" for Lottie.
Louise Kincade
Cassie Heeter
Can't wait to run with you again! Happy Birthday!
Caitlin Clark
Elizabeth Newvine
Jan Mathis
Best of Luck and Hope you meet your goal for Lottie! <3
Jamie Donegan
Brittany Boulton
Good luck with training!!
Tiffany Peery
August first week miles 💪
Mike Titus
And runnin', runnin', and runnin', runnin'
Sharon Coghlan
Brittany Reynolds
Cheers to another year!
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About Team Lottie

Lottie is a bubbly girl who keeps us laughing with her silly antics. At 2 years old Lottie began to have what looked like breath holding spells- which were terrifying to watch but we were assured that this was something she would grow out of. Unfortunately the number of these episodes continued to increase over the next month. After a particularly bad episode, Lottie ended up in the hospital for what was suspected as seizures. Her true diagnosis of Pulmonary Hypertension was not what we were expecting. The gravity of her disease was not realized until after she had suffered ...