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Team Danny

Victoria Updike

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There are many reasons that play into WHY I participate in this event. First, how can you not want to help grant the Wish of these awesome kids? They deserve everything and more and if I can play a very small role in making their Wish come true then I will. I also have two siblings that had life threatening illnesses as young children. My sister was diagnosed with cancer (Neuroblastoma) around 1 years old. And my brother has a congenital heart disease and has had 3 open heart surgeries before the age of 13. Children with life threaten illnesses have a special place in my heart. Lastly, I participate in this event as a way to pay it forward after having received so much love and support mentally, emotionally, financially and spirituality after my husband's second cancer diagnosis almost 6 years ago. I know all too well what it's like to love and care for someone going through the worst time of their life and when someone helps in ANY way, it truly makes impact. Thank you to those of you that supported us during my husband's cancer journey, because of you I was inspired to participate in this event!

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Cindy Richner
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So proud of you! Love from Grandma and Aunt Debbie
Ricky & Heather Currier
Good luck this year!!! Love watching your updates during the event ❤️
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Kevin Roche
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About Team Danny

Danny was born November 6, 2020. After two weeks of nursing like a champ, he stopped defecating and the colic ensued. We saw GI specialists and chiropractors for help. At 7 weeks old, while at his uncle's wedding in Florida, he started having seizures. We went to a local hospital and were admitted for 5 days of countless tests, EEGs, failed spinal taps, etc. He started anti-seizure meds, and when we returned to Cleveland we started the testing process again, adding more medications but the seizures continued. In February of 2021, the genetic testing came back and Danny was diagnosed ...