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To raise awareness for this amazing organization.
About Team Autumn

When Autumn was 5 months old she was diagnosed with leukemia(ALL). We started chemotherapy immediately. She had a really rough and scary first week. Luckily, she was in remission about 6 weeks later. We continued chemo treatment and frequent check ins with her doctor. Unfortunately, that September we found out that she had relapsed, and we were more heartbroken than the original diagnosis. She began more aggressive treatment (chemo and radiation) and we quickly began our search for a bone marrow donor. Be The Match found an amazing donor in Texas who was able donate to save our little girl! Her transplant was in June of 2018, and she has been doing very well ever since!

Autumn now has follow up appointments and lab work done every couple months, and we are working to meet her donor hopefully this summer! Because of her donor, she has the opportunity to live a normal little girl life. She goes to preschool, and loves playing with her friends. She loves princesses (especially Belle), Frozen, and Toy Story! She loves playing outside with bubbles and chalk, and has recently learned to ride her bike! She's 100% a daddy's girl, and wants to do anything her big brother Hunter can do. We are so lucky to have a healthy, happy girl, and very thankful for everyone who helped treat her!

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