Why I'm Running
To help the kids.
About Team Bryson

Bryson is my first born. It was very hard to get pregnant and when I did, they said he wouldn’t make it to 12 weeks. They said I would have a miscarriage at 8 months, and I would probably have a stillborn. I prayed and prayed, and he was born. Bryson is my miracle baby. He was born with (ACC) Agenesis of Corpus Callosum. This means he’s missing the most important part of his brain. He is missing the part that helps you communicate and provides you with the motor skills to walk, talk and eat on your own. He’s in a wheelchair and might not know how to do a lot of things but he lights up my world! I call him my Superman because of his strength. When he was born, he stayed in the hospital for 5 months and after that all we knew was hospitalization after hospitalization. Bryson has had 4 surgeries and is G-Tube dependent but is learning to eat by mouth. He’s a big brother to his sister, Brooklyn, who he loves and adores SO MUCH! He loves music, dancing with mommy, strawberry milk and blue gummy jolly ranchers. Bryson is 3 years old, and he wishes to go to Disney for his 4th birthday with his sister, mommy, and uncle. We, the family, would also like to thank all the runners who are running for Bryson to make this happen. We thank you and appreciate you lots!

$775.00 of $700 goal

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We are so proud of you and love you Courtney!