Why I'm Running
I am taking on the 24 in 24 in honor of my son, Jeremiah, in order to raise funds for A Special Wish Cleveland and to help grant big wishes for all the warriors.
About Team Jeremiah

Jeremiah was born on January 28, 2017. His congenital heart defect (CHD) was missed in both his anatomy scan ultrasound and 34-week growth scan ultrasound. A pediatrician heard a heart murmur the morning of discharge from the hospital, so he set us up with an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist for the following day. At the appointment, Jeremiah was diagnosed with a complete atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD). In other words, he had holes between the chambers of the right and left sides of his heart, and he was born with one common atrioventricular (AV) valve as opposed to being born with a distinct mitral valve and tricuspid valve.

Jeremiah underwent open heart surgery at 4 months old in June 2017 to repair the holes in his heart and split/reconstruct his common AV valve into a mitral valve and tricuspid valve. After Jeremiah's open-heart surgery, he began to thrive. His personality came back stronger and more incredible. On the first day that his sternal precautions were lifted, Jeremiah repeatedly rolled over during "tummy time." Prior to his surgery, he would fatigue quickly and was not able to lift his head with ease or roll during "tummy time."

Fast forward 4 years, and he continues to amaze us every day. Despite being on medication for high blood pressure and a leaking and stenotic “mitral valve,” he continues to thrive and has endless energy. Jeremiah enjoys watching football (he loves the Browns) and soccer, going to school and speech therapy, playing with his dinosaurs and trucks, music, and doing whatever his big sister, Hannah, is doing. He is truly our heart hero, our warrior baby, and he brings us so much joy daily.

$1,399.00 of $2000 goal

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Helluva story. Good luck with the run!

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Love you guys, Jeremiah is a warrior ❤️

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17 days ago
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It’s been a blessing to watch your journey. I see God’s grace every time I see pictures posted of you.

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