Why I'm Running

Theres so many reasons “Why” but the most important one is “The Kids".

My son is Johnny and having him be a part of this and a Team sponsor brings so much joy to my heart. He loved kids, he was a big kid himself and I have no doubt if he were here he would be running right along side of me.

I have done this challenge and been a Team Sponsor for the past 2 years, and the feeling I have every year is so indescribable, especially when crossing the finish line, it’s definitely life changing. I feel If these kids can fight every day, then there’s no reason I can’t sacrifice one day 24 hours to help grant their wish. They ARE the true meaning of the word HERO! Through your donations we have been able to accomplish so much, and most importantly make a difference in the eyes of a child.

I would be thrilled to have your support this year and help me reach my goal. I can’t thank you enough and I am extremely grateful.

About Team Mae

March 30, 2017, our lives completely changed. We had a beautiful little girl weighing in at 5 lbs. 1 oz. 17 inches and we named her Mae Paulette. Her middle name is symbolic of my dad, her Papa, Paul. There could not have been a better name for her because her strength and resilience of dealing with everything she has to deal with is the strength that my dad always showed. When she was born, we did not know of her unique qualities, but we knew gazing into those beautiful crystal blue starburst eyes something was super special about her.

Fast forward 10 months later she was admitted in the hospital because she was not growing and had the highest calcium in the world at 18.6. A few weeks later we found out she has Williams Syndrome. Along with a bubbly personality, starburst eyes, and an infectious smile, it comes with some things that are challenging. She has major heart, kidney, calcium, global development, vision and developmental delays.

To know Mae is to love her. You just can’t help it. She lights up any room she is in with no judgment. Anyone who is in her presence gravitates towards her. I have watched it many times even with her not saying a word. It is truly ahhMAEzing.

She loves with more than just her whole heart, she has never judged anybody, she is what God wanted us all to be. She is truly a saving grace and blessing in this world. She is already made such a huge positive impact. And that smile of hers could not be more infectious.

$384.00 of $3000 goal

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Recent Donations

Melissa Wong
4 days ago

Thanks for doing this for these kiddos Mary!

Jimmy & Jodi Wilson
8 days ago
Echo Bosserman
8 days ago
Andy Rattray
8 days ago

Best of luck Mary. You rock.

Avery Leia
8 days ago

Go Aunt Mimi!

Kristi Szabo
15 days ago

Kick some butt again Mary!! So proud of you.