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Brendan was born on September 9th, 2020, in the SDU at CCF main campus. We were aware he had a heart defect at 31 weeks gestation however we truly didn’t know how he would do once born. Full diagnosis was unbalanced left ventricle dominant AV Canal Defect, multilevel RVOT obstruction, right aortic branch mirror imaging, bilateral SVC with TOF physiology. He thankfully did not need surgery at the time he was born and went home at 9 days old on one medicine. However, 4 days later we were in the ER being sent downtown for observation. October 2nd, 2021, Brendan had his first open heart surgery, the BTT Shunt. After that surgery, he had complications including fluid accumulating around his heart, a paralyzed vocal cord and then multiple blood clots blocking his shunt. After numerous cath procedures, stents placed and many consultations with hematology regarding medication, Brendan finally went home on November 6th after a 46 day stay. On January 12th, Brendan went for his cath procedure prior to his Glenn and it found his BTT shunt clotted off a 3rd time. He had his second open heart surgery on January 14th where it was discovered that his BTT Shunt was infected and would need a 42-day course of IV antibiotics. While in the PICU, he also developed a chylothorax and went Septic twice in a month span. After a touch and go couple of months, Brendan came home on May 17th, 2021, with many new medications keeping him comfortable and stable. Since then, Brendan has thrived at home and turned into quite the rambunctious toddler. He still flirts with everyone he meets and tests every limit that is set, but we expect nothing less from Baby Hulk.

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