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Emmitt was born on Valentine’s Day and it could not be more fitting for our special boy who has brought
so much LOVE into our lives. Shortly after birth, we learned that Emmitt had Down syndrome. We also learned that he had low white blood cell, platelet and hemoglobin counts, which sent us to see an oncologist when Emmitt was just 6 weeks old. Thankfully, things normalized and we were able to monitor Emmitt’s cell counts for well over a year. In September of 2022, when Emmitt was 1.5 years old, he woke up one morning with what looked like little pin pricks all over his body. This sent us for a check of his labs which showed critically low platelets and the start of a very scary time. Following a bone marrow biopsy, Emmitt was quickly diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia) and we began the first cycle of treatment in November.

Emmitt went through 6 cycles of treatment, each including a nearly 30 day hospital admission. Emmitt truly became the oncology floor “mascot” while we were admitted, he spent more time in the hallway saying “hello” to the nurses and patients than in his room. Even while connected to chemotherapy, or when we were expecting him to start feeling the side effects of chemo, he was up and about – smiling and making friends in the hallway. There is something SO special about Emmitt that can bring a smile to nearly anyone’s face he interacts with. Despite some really tough days associated with treatment, Emmitt soared through six cycles and was officially cancer free as of September of 2023. We are so incredibly proud of the strength, courage and positivity Emmitt displayed during some of the hardest of circumstances. Now, nearly 8 months post chemotherapy treatment, Emmitt just turned 3, is the silliest, most loving kiddo and amazes us every single day.

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