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Lottie is a bubbly girl who keeps us laughing with her silly antics. At 2 years old Lottie began to have what looked like breath holding spells- which were terrifying to watch but we were assured that this was something she would grow out of. Unfortunately the number of these episodes continued to increase over the next month. After a particularly bad episode, Lottie ended up in the hospital for what was suspected as seizures. Her true diagnosis of Pulmonary Hypertension was not what we were expecting. The gravity of her disease was not realized until after she had suffered her first cardiac arrest bedside. After more than 90 days of inpatient care, Lottie was able to return home on a slew of medications and 24/7 oxygen that help keep the pressures in her lungs down and prevent future episodes. Lottie has made it through 6 cardiac arrests, including a period on ECMO, and shows us that God still does miracles.

As a family we have learned how to live each day to the fullest and to make memories now because tomorrow isn’t promised. Lottie has had her fair shares of ups and downs but continues to persevere through it all. She is making great strides and we are hopeful for more treatment options as science improves. Lottie has started ballet (because she wants to be just like her big sister) and continues her weekly therapies for speech and physical therapy. We are so thankful for the love and memories that A Special Wish NEO has been able to give us.”

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