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Vito was born August 12, 2019 and has always been a very happy and adventurous baby/toddler. When Vito was two our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year did not go as planned. Vito had to spend all of these holidays in the hospital with high fevers, no immune system, lethargy and overall, was very sick. On Dec 28th, 2021, after over 2000 tests, we had our answer. Vito was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. To say that we were devastated is an understatement, however we knew as a family we would fight right along with him and get him through the tough treatments ahead. Along the way we did have a couple scares, one when Vito went into anaphylactic shock after receiving chemo and then when he had both Rhinovirus and RSV at the same time, both resulting in hospital stays on the Oncology floor for several days.

Vito has completed about a year and half of treatment and has another year to go. He has made it through each and every treatment with a smile on his face. He can light up any room with his smile and his fearless attitude. Vito has made his doctors, nurses and medical team some of his best friends, always wanting them to play games with him when he is inpatient or has a clinic day. Vito LOVES playing with his big brother, Paw Patrol, sports, dinosaurs and firetrucks. During his treatments, Vito has discovered Art Therapy and has shown that he is the next Picasso! Vito is a warrior and an inspiration to anyone who has met him or knows his story. He still has a hard journey ahead of him, but we know he will face that with the same smile and happy attitude as he has before. We are confident he will make it through this battle stronger than ever and will be ready to take on the world!



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