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Waylon is such a kind, sweet, yet spunky 3-year-old soul.  His cuddles are legendary, but his independence is fierce. He is a little gentleman who shows kindness to everyone. When he loves you, he LOVES you. He loves his “sissy”, “bro bro”, grandmas, aunts, and friends, and has such a special relationship with all of them.

In January, Waylon was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, or ALL. The first month of treatment was perhaps the hardest of all, but through it all, Waylon was a fighter. He is currently in remission, with another two years of treatment ahead. He is such a strong little dude. Waylon loves to play! Especially with Dinosaurs, monster trucks, and bulldozers. His imagination and stubbornness have no end, and we know he will get through anything life will throw at him!

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