In January 2020, shortly after turning 3, Lucas was diagnosed with stage 4 High risk Neuroblastoma. He immediately began chemotherapy and was placed on a trial in hopes of giving him more than 50% chance of survival for the first 5 years after diagnosis. He has gone through 5 rounds of chemotherapy, a 12+ hour long tumor resection, and 2 stem cell transplants which almost took his life in the process. He had less than 1% chance of surviving from the complications. While in-patient and on the mend from transplant he continued with 12 cycles of radiation to monitor him closely. He is currently going through with 6 months of immunotherapy and then potentially 2 years of another trial drug called DFMO. He takes over 20 pills a day and just continues to amaze everyone around him.

Lucas has endured so much pain and gone through more procedures and blood products than we are able to count. Between having a Chylous leak, severe TMA, and pulmonary hemorrhaging that almost took his life, he has defied all odds. He continues to let his brightness shine through and give hope to those when it seems like there is none left. He is the most resilient, determined, hardworking kid and can light up a room with his smile.

Lucas loves spending time with his siblings and family. He enjoys going to the zoo and has a passion for swimming. On beach vacations he is always in the water and loves fishing with his net. Lucas is looking forward to making new friends in the fall while attending school for the first time.

We couldn't be prouder to be his parents and are very excited to see what the future holds for him.